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If you find that lifting up your arms is embarrassing because of unsightly sweat marks, miraDry® treatments may be right for you. Leading aesthetic specialist Dr. Mick offers personalized miraDry treatment packages at Elysium SurgiSpa in the River North area of Chicago. Schedule a consultation online or call the office to learn more about how miraDry can benefit you.

MiraDry Q&A

Excessive underarm sweating, medically known as “hyperhidrosis,” isn’t really a health concern, although it can certainly make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. With miraDry, an FDA-cleared treatment, you can resolve excessive sweating by targeting your sweat glands directly. You can experience drier underarms — and even less underarm odor — shortly after your first session.

How does miraDry work?

During miraDry treatments, thermal energy is delivered to your underarm sweat glands using a specialized handheld device. This energy heats up your bothersome sweat glands and gently destroys them.

When this occurs, your body simply sweats and cools itself through the millions of other sweat glands on your body. Your miraDry treatment only targets about 2% of the sweat glands on your entire body, so you can feel confident that you’re getting a safe and effective treatment.

Do I need more than one miraDry treatment?

In most cases, you experience a dramatic improvement shortly after your first miraDry session. Depending on the severity of your hyperhidrosis, you could need a second or third miraDry session, but Dr. Mick lets you know what to expect during your consultation.

By the end of your personalized miraDry treatment package at Elysium SurgiSpa, you can experience an average of an 82% reduction in sweat and an 89% reduction in odor.

Are miraDry treatments painful?

Because Dr. Mick doesn’t want you to stress about pain or discomfort during your miraDry session at Elysium SurgiSpa, he numbs your targeted areas with local anesthesia before getting started. Most miraDry clients explain that treatments are entirely painless, and they can even return to most regular activities right after a miraDry session.  

It’s normal to experience a little underarm sensitivity and swelling after your miraDry session. Dr. Mick generally recommends waiting a few days before returning to exercise, sporting events, or vigorous activities, just so your delicate skin tissue has adequate time to heal.

Find out if miraDry is right for you by booking a consultation at Elysium SurgiSpa today. Schedule your visit online, or call the clinic directly to book an appointment.

Individual results may vary.