Lyfe Studio Coach

Elysium Lyfe

Private Fitness Studio located in River North, Chicago, IL

Fitness and health coaching can significantly improve the chances of achieving your goal weight and toning up problem areas. Elysium SurgiSpa in the North River area of Chicago partners with Lyfe Studio, the newest one-on-one private gym in the Chicagoland area, and your new home for fitness. Expert health and fitness coaches assist you with strength training, conditioning, functional training, and recovery so you can develop the lean, toned body you desire. Schedule a health and fitness consultation with Lyfe Studio over the phone or online today.

Lyfe Studio

What is Lyfe Studio?

Sometimes it can be difficult to make it to an exercise class, especially in the busy city of Chicago. But Lyfe Studio, a partner of premier Chicagoland aesthetics practice Elysium Surgispa, makes it easy to fit in workouts. 

At Lyfe Studio, a regimen is built around your schedule and lifestyle. Top trainer and health coach, Amanda Arsenault, is eager to meet your specific needs. She and the experienced fitness experts at Lyfe Studio help you get the most out of your workouts. 

What are the benefits of Lyfe Studio?

At Lyfe Studio, the team works with you, focusing on the fundamentals of exercise and discovering your individual needs. At Lyfe, you learn proper form for exercises, how to engage your muscles, and how to control your breathing. 

Understating your body is the key to your success and will allow you to step into any class, or any sport, and perform at your highest level.

Whether you’re getting married, have a vacation you’re preparing for, or simply want to shed your winter pounds before bikini season, Lyfe Studio has you covered. In partnership with Elysium Surgispa, Lyfe can offer cutting edge procedures to help you reach your goals faster.

Is Lyfe Studio right for me?

Fitness is not always an easy journey, but it’s always a journey worth experiencing. At Lyfe Studio, the team is ready to help you to become the best version of yourself. Having that personal one-on-one touch just might be what you’ve been missing to help you reach your goals.

Don’t live with stubborn fat or poor muscle definition when fitness and health coaching is one of the most effective ways to reach your body composition goals. “Experience Lyfe” by scheduling a consultation with Lyfe Studio over the phone or online today.