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Lip Augmentation is an in office procedure using derma filler to help rejuvenate or produce more volume in the lips.  This procedure is done with a very specific technique that is unique to Dr Mick that results in longer lasting lips. Book online or call today.


What is the LipAug MD cosmetic procedure?

Lip Augmentation is an in-office procedure using derma Filler to help rejuvenate or produce more volume in the lips.  This procedure is done with a very specific technique that is unique to Dr. Mick that results in longer lasting lips.  His unique technique is performed under a nerve block that allows for a painless procedure.  Unlike other lip "jobs" this technique in augmentation results in very natural and proportioned results.  With so many places and providers offering Lip "injections" these days, it is often difficult to find a provider or office that will give the best results when it comes to this detail-oriented procedure.  LipAug MD is performed by our cosmetic surgeon and Medical Director, Dr. Mick Singh who will create your lips utilizing the best Hyaluronic Acid Fillers under a nerve block that makes this a painless and very comfortable procedure.  Additionally, his unique technique of augmenting the lips comes from conserving three main principles of aesthetic augmentation.  

1. Proportion.  Naturally preserved on the human face is a specific proportion of the size of the top lip in relation to the bottom lip. This proportion is also found elsewhere in nature and is called the Golden Ratio. Dr. Mick and his augmentation techniques help harmonize the proportion of the lips and follow these to help produce lips worthy of a Goddess.  

2. Symmetry - All lips will show asymmetry between the two sides.  This is often correctable to help produce more symmetric and even looking lips for both the top and bottom.

3. Size - Last but not least, Size is often the main reason why you want to choose Lip Augmentation as a procedure.  However, in the pursuit of size, the first two points may never be neglected. With his aesthetic eye, Dr. Mick will help you achieve a size that is suited for your face without having to worry about a "ducky" appearance or an unnatural look to your lips. His unique vermillion augmentation technique along with his aesthetic eye in the creation of your new lips will leave you admiring your lips for days to come.

What are signs of aging Lips can LipAug MD treat?

Here's what the LipAug MD procedure does well:

  • Produces more voluminous lips.
  • Pain Free experience
  • Lessens the appearance of perioral lines and wrinkles. Often referred to as "smokers" lines
  • Produces more symmetry and definition along the vermillion borders.
  • Lifts the lips so they don't look so small during smiling. Add pop to your pout! 

Is LipAug MD safe?

Yes. This procedure is very safe.  The local anesthesia provided is designed specifically to be only active for 45-60 minutes after which your return to your normal state. Painless and with Lips worthy of a goddess.

Are there side effects?

Dr. Mick provides a local anesthetic so you shouldn’t feel any pain during the treatment. The side effects of Lip Aug MD may include minor redness, swelling, or bruising, but typically subside within 24-48 hours. You can return to your routine activities a day after treatment, and you can use makeup to cover any lingering redness within a day or two.

Am I a good candidate for a LipAugMD?

Ideal candidates for the Candela Profound aesthetic treatment include:

  • Women and men with atrophying or volume depleted lips
  • Those with volume loss around their mouth and cheeks
  • Adults with upper lip wrinkles
  • Any skin type and color
  • Adults who are conscious about lip volume and want to rejuvenate their lips back to their original size or desire enhancement. 

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*Individual results may vary.