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Because of the breakthrough technology behind the Candela™ GentleMax Pro® platform, you can undergo a host of skin-perfecting treatments, with a single state-of-the-art system. At Elysium SurgiSpa in the River North area of Chicago, you can meet with Dr. Mick, who specializes in noninvasive medical laser treatments with GentleMax Pro. Schedule an appointment online or call the office for your consultation.

GentleMax Pro Q&A

What can GentleMax Pro treat?

The GentleMax Pro system is a clinical-grade medical laser designed to help you achieve your optimal skin goals, without doing any sort of invasive or painful procedures. This revolutionary platform can:

  • Minimize vascular lesions, such as facial veins
  • Decrease the appearance of leg veins, like spider veins
  • Reduce unwanted body hair growth (laser hair removal)
  • Remove pigmented lesions and minimize hyperpigmentation

Known as the “gold standard” in hair reduction and uneven skin tone treatments, GentleMax Pro is a safe and effective solution for men and women who have light to dark skin tones, often including tanned skin.

How does GentleMax Pro work?

GentleMax Pro combines the latest medical laser options: the 755 nm Alexandrite laser with the 1064nm Nd:YAG laser. These powerful, yet gentle, lasers deliver a wide range of energy for superior efficacy.

For laser hair reduction, GentleMax Pro targets hair pigments, causing a heat reaction. This forces hair growth to stop and within a few weeks, targeted hair sheds away. Over time and with continued GentleMax Pro laser hair removal sessions, fewer and fewer hairs grow in. By the end of your GentleMax treatment plan, your skin is noticeably smoother.

If you want to even out your skin tone and minimize the appearance of benign pigmented and vascular lesions, GentleMax Pro sends intense beams of laser energy deep into your skin tissue. This forces pigments or vascular components to break apart. Your lymphatic system helps flush away targeted tissues, and over time, your skin tone begins to even out.

Do I need more than one GentleMax Pro treatment?

When you visit Elysium SurgiSpa for your GentleMax Pro consultation, Dr. Mick sits and talks with you about your skin goals. He evaluates your targeted areas and lets you know about how many GentleMax Pro treatments you’re likely going to need.

Even though you’re probably going to notice dramatically smoother, more even-toned skin within a few weeks of your first GentleMax Pro session at Elysium SurgiSpa, it’s common to need anywhere from three to eight visits. Your skin continues to improve and soften with every GentleMax Pro session you have.

Find out how GentleMax Pro can enhance your skin and beauty by booking a consultation at Elysium SurgiSpa today. Schedule either online or over the phone.

Individual results may vary.