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Dimpled skin associated with cellulite can occur even if you maintain a healthy weight with diet and exercise. If cellulite makes you feel self-conscious, simple cellulite reduction solutions are available at Elysium SurgiSpa in the River North area of Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Mick and his team offer VelaShape® III, dermal fillers, and surgical procedures to get rid of cellulite and restore your confidence. Schedule a cellulite reduction consultation with Elysium SurgiSpa over the phone or online today.

Cellulite Reduction Q & A

What is cellulite reduction?

Cellulite is a skin condition that while harmless, can cause unsightly lumpy or dimpled flesh on your abdomen, hips, buttocks, and thighs. 

Cellulite can occur even if you exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. Cellulite reduction at Elysium SurgiSpa can reduce lumps, smooth your skin, and help you gain confidence.

What are the risk factors for cellulite?

The cause of cellulite isn’t entirely clear. But it stems from the fibrous connective cords that tether your skin to the muscle underneath, creating an uneven surface. Factors that increase your risk of cellulite include:

  • Genetics
  • Weight gain
  • Hormone fluctuations
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Being a woman
  • Older age
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Inactive lifestyle 
  • Pregnancy

If cellulite doesn’t go away on its own with diet and exercise, see the Elysium SurgiSpa team to review your cellulite reduction options.

Which cellulite reduction treatments are available?

After reviewing your medical history and examining your skin, your provider might recommend one or more of the following cellulite reduction treatments:

VelaShape III

VelaShape III is a noninvasive body contouring procedure that uses radiofrequency energy, infrared light, mechanical massage, and vacuum suction to reduce cellulite without surgery or downtime.

Subcision cellulite surgery

During subcision cellulite surgery, your provider cuts bands that surround fat cells. During the procedure, they use a cannula to break apart fibrous cords. Your provider fills in remaining dimpled areas with tissue grafts harvested from your body. Once cut, fibrous bands don’t regenerate so your results are permanent.

Dermal fillers

Elysium SurgiSpa specialists offer dermal filler injections to fill in cellulite indentations and produce smoother skin. Your provider injects filler substances at targeted areas to help you achieve desirable results. They can numb the treatment area so you don’t feel discomfort during the injections. You might require multiple filler treatments to achieve the best outcome.

Which cellulite reduction procedure is right for me?

The providers at Elysium SurgiSpa personalize each cellulite treatment to match your unique needs and preferences, as everybody is different. They might recommend more than one type of procedure to help you achieve smooth, aesthetically pleasing body contours. 

Don’t live with cellulite if it makes you self-conscious. Schedule a cellulite reduction consultation at Elysium SurgiSpa over the phone or online today.