Liquid Gold Facial (Coming Soon)


What is Liquid Gold Facial (LGF)?

Liquid Gold Facial is a proprietary treatment exclusive to Elysium Surgispa.  It is a treatment produced with a unique blend of PRP, Growth Factors and Hylauronic Acid proteins to help rejuvenate the face to help eliminate wrinkles, decrease pore size, reduce redness, enhance collagen and elastin concentrations in the dermis to produce a youthful and rejuvenated appearance. This unique facial can help improved the appearance of acne scarring, surgical scarring, stretch mark reduction and overall produce added lift and youthfulness to the face. 

How does LGF work?

The combination of PRP which mimics the appearance of Gold when seen against light and HA delivered through our unique micro channel technique using a systemic micro needling method helps formation of elastin and collagen.  Our skin is compromised of various types of Collagen.  This procedure helps with development of Type 1 and Type 2 collagen fibrils.  With the addition of GAP serums, we super charge your body ability to form new collagen fibers in the skin. 

Facial rejuvenation or Liquid Face Lyft

Our medical Providers can also utilize a similar use for direct injection into the face allowing for immediate lift and enhancement. For patient who are allergic or want a more natural manner in which to enhance their face, the Liquid Face Lyft is a very effective method to obtain lasting results.  

Is LGF treatment painful?

The first step of PRP requires a basic blood draw. Most patients report only a quick pinch, and the expert clinicians at Elysium Surgispa are quick and precise.

The microneedling technique is only minimally invasive and doesn’t damage the top layer of the skin, so the pain-level is similar to a minor sunburn. Most guests tolerate the procedure well, and those with particularly sensitive skin use a numbing cream prior to treatment. Following treatment, you can expect to see some redness and swelling that disappears within 2-4 days.


How long do the results from LGF last?

The results from LGF can be easily maintained. LGF stimulates the growth of new healthy cells, and they are yours to keep! When treating the skin for scarring, sun damage, and wrinkles, the results can be improved upon with a few applications spaced a couple months apart. 

Maintaining the fresh glow from LGF treatment can be achieved with as little as two treatments a year. 

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