Eye Lash Enhancement


Also known as eyelash lengthening

The eyes are a focal point of the face. Studies show that long eyelashes and large eyes are considered a sign of youth and beauty. Fuller and longer lashes will emphasize and frame your eyes, giving you a more refreshed, awake or feminine look without the need for mascara, false eyelashes or eyelash extensions. Fuller lashes also provide more protection for your eyes, shielding them from tiny particles in the air that cause irritation.

When to Consider Eyelash Enhancement

  • If you have sparse, thin or nonexistent eyelashes
  • If you commonly experience eye discomfort or irritation from small particles of dirt or debris in the air
  • If you often use false lashes or eyelash extensions

Related Procedures

Many people who consider eyelash enhancement also consider eyelid surgerypermanent makeup and laser skin resurfacing.


About Your Procedure

How is an eyelash enhancement procedure performed?

Your aesthetic surgeon will instruct you about the correct method for applying eyelash enhancer serum at home. Usually, you apply eyelash enhancer at night so the product can be fully absorbed and irritation is kept to a minimum. Application generally includes the following steps:

  • Before applying any product, clean the face and eye area so that it is devoid of makeup, dirt and facial products.
  • Remove contacts and false eyelashes or extensions, if applicable.
  • Apply the product using a sterile applicator on the upper eyelashes going from the inside out. Do not apply in your eye or to the bottom lashes.
  • Blot any excess and continue with the opposite eye (with either the same or a different sterile applicator).
  • It is important to be consistent and to use as directed.

What are my options?

For those seeking a simple, nonsurgical solution, there are a number of eyelash enhancement options to choose from.

What are the brand names for nonsurgical eyelash enhancement serums?

A large number of popular brands are available for enhancing your eyelashes. Latisse is the only prescription enhancer and is also one of the most well-known treatments. City Lash, Obagi Elastilash Eyelash Solution, Marini Lash Revitalash, SmartLash, neuLash, and Rapidlash are some of the other non-prescription eyelash enhancer serums currently available for lengthening thickening or conditioning your eyelashes.

Where can I obtain eyelash enhancement products? Are they offered over the counter, by prescription or through my plastic surgeon?

Eyelash enhancer serums are offered on the internet, at your local drugstore or department store, by prescription (Latisse, the first federally approved prescription drug) and through your cosmetic surgeon's office.

Why would I buy these products through a plastic surgeon when I can conveniently order them on the internet?

Safety, effectiveness and truth in advertising are all reasons for buying these products through your surgeon's office. Because these serums are sold as cosmetics, they don't have to undergo the same testing as drugs. Eyelash enhancers are expensive and you want to make the best choice. It is also important that the product you purchase has the right active ingredient in the proper concentration to produce results. Your surgeon will also provide you with important information about the limitations and risks of these products and the need to follow directions carefully to avoid potential complications.

How do these products work?

These eyelash boosters work in two ways. First they contain a molecule similar to bimatoprost in Latisse, which prolongs the hair growth cycle so that your lashes don't fall out as often. They also strengthen your lashes by moisturizing them with ingredients like pro-vitamin B5 and humectants. The over-the-counter lash boosters contain a weaker molecule but it still can be effective if the proper active ingredient responsible for hair growth is present in the proper concentration.

How long will it take before my eyelashes appear thicker and longer?

Results are generally seen within two months, depending on the percent of active ingredients present in the product that you are using. Eyelash thickness is said to increase by the greatest percent, approximately 80% to 100% or more, with length increasing by approximately 25% and darkness by approximately 18%.

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