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At the helm of Elysium Surgispa is renowned Physician and Surgeon, Dr. Mick I. Singh. He is a versatile clinician whose story deserves some background and light. 

Dr. Mick, as he is often amicably referred to as by his beloved patients, is a man of many talents and backgrounds. Although Dr.Mick considers Chicago home, his experiences have come from places far and close. His humble beginnings and his relentless work ethic have allowed him to achieve many of the goals he aspired for as a child.  

After finishing his Bachelor of Sciences at The University of Illinois Urbana Champaign in Chemistry and Physiology, he took upon a rigorous doctorate program at Rush Medical College. His fascination with science and space allowed him to excel at his program. Although medicine was not his primary calling, as many close to him would tell you his heart and his mind always belonged to the stars in the Heavens above. However through his undergraduate years he found great interest in the human condition.  Upon Completion of his graduate studies in Medicine and obtaining his Medical Degree he went onto further post graduate training in Surgery and Anesthesiology.  Having an incessant penchant for expanding his horizons, he developed a keen interest in aesthetic medicine and aesthetic surgery. His gift is his aesthetic eye and combined with his refined skill he practices the craft of surgery as an artist.  Learning independently and formally he began to formalize his approach to the definition of Beauty.  Beauty is more than a physical state and is more than in the beholders eyes.  Dr. Mick believes Beauty is an experience that can be available to all.  He brings his aesthetic eye and skills to helping all his patients capture this visceral experience. Thus bringing together the two realms of Beauty and Medicine. He honed his skills under the auspices of prominent members in the field of cosmetic surgery. In this pursuit, his future fellowship trainings would take him to the University of Miami in Florida prior to retuning to his beginnings.  

All the while during the course of his work, there was one dream that Dr. Mick always cherished and maintained within, which was one that took birth in a desert land on a moonless star lit night. Although many would never guess, Dr. Mick was home schooled till being formally school at the age of twelve.  His spark and drive takes root from his parents. Who on occasions would teach him and his younger brother about world and all that fell under the stars. It was then he fell in love with the stars and wanted to become an astronaut. 

During his time as a resident, He joined the United States Airforce and trained as a Flight Surgeon. His ultimate goal to one day visit the stars that he would sit under with his parents. And that moment on wards has brought him thus far. Serving and obtaining the rank of (O-3) , Captain Singh is proud to serve this country as a member of the USAF. His passion to serve along side his interest in one day becoming a member of NASA still echoes strong. 

While not dreaming of the stars, Dr. Mick has active involvement in maintaining an aesthetics practice in Miami, Florida as well as out reach offices in the greater Chicagoland suburbs ( Erikas Day Spa & Luxe Blue Medspa). Thousands of patients trust Dr. Mick with helping them achieve their aesthetic goals.  And when Dr. Mick is not in the operating room or functioning as a Captain in the Air Force, he enjoys spending time with his family, two dogs, and traveling the world with his FiancĂ©e. More impressive than his story is his humility as a person and that is a trait all his patients love.

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