The Switch to Jeuveau: Why Neurotoxin Rotation is So Important

If you’ve heard of Botox, then you’re familiar with neurotoxins, whether you’re aware of it or not. Botox, as well as others like Xeomin and Jeuveau, are a few examples of neurotoxins that have swept the nation (and possibly the world) as liquid lifesavers

Aug 29th, 2020
Different Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

Imagine this: taking years off of your face, erasing cosmetic imperfections, and filling pesky wrinkles and age lines. At some point in the past, making oneself look younger was the stuff of scientific lore.

May 21st, 2020
Hot Beauty Trends of 2020

It’s 2020 and as we make headway into the new year we want to feel good, do good, and look even better. At Elysium SurgiSpa in Chicago, expert providers such as Dr. Mick Singh recognize the importance of an elevated aesthetic and have compiled a brief list

Jan 16th, 2020
5 Tips to Prevent Bruising after Botox® or Filler Treatments

Botox® and fillers can transform your facial appearance, smoothing away wrinkles and filling in lines. However, a common side effect is bruising, which can be awkward to explain away. Find out how to minimize bruising with prep and aftercare.

Oct 1st, 2019
Here's How You Can Actually Get Rid of Cellulite

Are you plagued by "orange peel" buttocks and "cottage cheese" thighs? Cellulite can show up at any stage of life, on any body type – but there is a safe, effective way to restore smoother, tighter skin. Learn more below.

Aug 13th, 2019
5 Big Botox Myths — Busted!

Botox is one of the most popular treatments for a variety of reasons, but there are still a few misconceptions about what it does and doesn’t do, and who are the best candidates for use.

Sep 30th, 2015
Dermal fillers and soft tissue fillers By Elysium Surgispa

Fillers (Radiesse, Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, Voluma, Sculptra, Artefill) Also known as dermal fillers and soft tissue fillersFillers are a type of minimally invasive aesthetic medicine used to add volume, alter the contours of the face...

Sep 29th, 2015
Is it ever too early for Botox?

A new article about the preventive use of cosmetic procedures to freeze the aging process may raise a few eyebrows – at least for those who haven’t had too many Botox injections.

Sep 20th, 2015
September 18th, 2015

The rapid advancement in cosmetic surgery has allowed overcoming your cosmetic defects very easily. There are numerous non-invasive surgeries that can help you counter your skin, body or facial shortcomings and make your look flawless and beautiful.

Sep 18th, 2015